Millennium Space Systems’ Small Satellite Factory Explained

Millennium Space Systems, A Boeing Company [NYSE: BA], officially commemorated its Small Satellite Factory, July 18, 2023. First unveiled in 2022, SSF is fulfilling the needs of the company’s increased contracts for proliferated constellations.

“We ramped up our production capacity for our customers’ needs,” said Jason Kim, CEO of Millennium Space Systems. “I can’t talk about most of our national security space missions, but what I can tell you is our programs demand high-throughput production.”

The company’s ability to reduce risk and move fast is enabled by its flight-proven ALTAIR spacecraft – developed and invested in since 2015. The SSF supports the company’s active production lines and vertical integration of mature in-house components, bringing in software re-use, digital engineering, and design for manufacturability and test.

“SSF is demonstrating in real time a culture of innovation and rapid delivery,” said Michelle Parker, vice president of Space Mission Systems for Boeing. “Clearly SSF is in demand, and that demand only continues to grow for national security space missions.”

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