Yao Song, co-founder and co-CEO of space startup Orient Space crowned “Youth Entrepreneur of the year”

Yao Song, co-founder and co-CEO of Orient Space, won the title of ” Young Entrepreneur of a Powerful Country”.

Orienspace was founded in late 2020, backed by initial funding of $65 million. It announced in January it had secured a further $47 million. The new round makes the company one of the best backed Chinese launch startups, despite its newcomer status.

According to organizers, the aim of the event is to set an example of youth entrepreneurship, disseminate characteristic entrepreneurial deeds, promote the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and inspire more young people to devote themselves to innovation and entrepreneurship .

Since the launch of the event, the organizers have searched for more than 300 young entrepreneurs from all over the country. After organization recommendation and expert identification, 10 “Powerful Young Entrepreneurs” and 40 “Powerful Young Entrepreneurs Nominated” were selected . These Young entrepreneurs shine in their respective fields, and have played an active role in promoting the construction of a manufacturing power, revitalizing the real economy, helping the transformation and upgrading of local manufacturing industries, and leading the innovation and development of manufacturing companies .

Yao Song won the “Youth Entrepreneur of a Powerful Country” award . At the awards ceremony, he was asked: From chips to commercial aerospace, what is the most important force behind his brave transformation and success? Yao Song said:

The first and most important thing is to be grateful to the times, he said . All of us are surfers in the wave of the times. Without great opportunities of the times, there will be no opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop. It is precisely because of the great leap from “getting rich” to “becoming strong” that there is now an excellent development environment for technology companies. We have always had the idea of ​​contributing to the country, and we are very lucky. Commercial space rockets are not only our own interests, but also the needs of the country.

Second , entrepreneurship in different technology industries will have similar industrial logic behind it. Finding the corresponding industrial development laws can help you gain advantages in cross-industry operations . 

For example, whether it is the chip industry or the rocket industry, there are concepts of customers and products, and we must understand what customers need . In addition to the artificial intelligence computing part, the artificial intelligence chip also needs a display interface and a video codec module to form a complete product that customers need. 

In addition to technological innovation , the rocket industry also needs tomeet customer needs from multiple perspectives such as carrying tonnage, reliability, and launch price . Technological innovation is very important, but technological innovation alone is not enough. We will continue to look for the law of technological development to make the enterprise develop better and the industry better.

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