Yamal 402 satellite to delivers robust connectivity over Sub Saharan Africa at Confederation Cup in Russia

Joint Stock Company Gazprom Space Systems is international satellite operator that have been providing capacity in Russia and CIS, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, Pacific Ocean.

Gazprom Space Systems has created, and now operates and develops Yamal satellite communication system and provides telecommunication and geo-information services.

Among the customers of Gazprom Space Systems are governmental institutions, broadcasting companies, Russian and international commercial service providers. Gazprom Space Systems is one of the two Russian national satellite operators and one of about 50 satellite operators in the world.

This year, Gazprom space systems via its Yamal-402 satellite capacity provide access to the largest number of listeners and viewers, on a free to air basis, of 2017 Africa Cup of Nations’ recently held in Gabon.

This broadcasting will also be implemented by Equinoxe Televison Cameroun company.

Theophile Biamou, Chief Operating Officer of Equinoxe says that he is happy with the performance of Southern Beam of Yamal-402 satellite, which has a good coverage of Sub-Sahara Africa. Equinoxe and Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) have further plans to develop business for full-time and occasional use TV broadcasting.

The winner of Africa Cup of Nations’ is Cameroon Team, will now participate in Confederation Cup held in Russia in June 2017. In addition, to arrange back-up links for TV broadcasting of Confederation Cup games and then later Soccer World Cup (2018) another GSS’ satellite Yamal-202 will also be used.

According to the company, approximately quarter of GSS satellite constellation capacity is marketed through telecommunication services (communication links, TV and audio broadcasting, Internet access) with the purpose to generate added value and to diversify operator’s business.

As for telecommunication service provider, Shchelkovo Telecommunication Center is the basis for company business. Telecommunication Center locates network control stations (hubs) of different technologies, as well as high-power central stations of satellite communication intended to receive/transmit signals trough satellites.

The Center exercises mission control, monitoring of operations and onboard systems analysis of all Yamal satellites. TT&C stations deliver commands to the satellites, receive telemetry of onboard systems and make raging measurements.

Operations Center is intended to monitor Yamal satellite constellation capacity, including measurement of transmitted signal parameters, monitoring and data collection for optimization of parameters and transponder loading to the benefit of users, as well as identification of onboard interferences, and to validate users’ ground stations access to satellite capacity.

Operations Center personnel provides 24-h/7-day support (including English speaking) for satellite capacity users.

To provide geo-information services to the benefit of Gazprom Group, oil and gas companies and other customers, GSS has established and now develops Aerospace Monitoring Center, which includes complex of space data acquisition and primary processing, complex of UAV monitoring and geodetic support, complexes of topical processing and complex of digital mapping based on supercomputer.

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