WNC Wins 2020 Hsinchu Science Park R&D Accomplishment Award

The Hsinchu Science Park R&D Accomplishment Awards ceremony was held today during the Hsinchu Science Park’s 40th anniversary celebrations. WNC was honored to win an award in recognition of its strong R&D capabilities and innovative technology applications. This award is especially meaningful in this time of industry upgrade.

In the face of this year’s global pandemic and market instability WNC has continued to invest in talent, new technologies and industry-academia cooperation. In response to the development of 5G technologies we have expanded our production lines by investing in a second Tainan manufacturing site and by continuing to introduce highly automated technologies and processes. It is estimated this will create roughly 1000 job opportunities. WNC is also pro-actively deploying resources for the development of next generation communications technologies. In 2019, WNC spent a record sum on both R&D and industry-academia projects. In terms of patents, we have developed many competitive niche market products, while our investment in research and development continues to grow year on year. WNC has been ranked by Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Office in the top 100 for institutional patents issued for a number of years, and ranks number one in the network communications industry, displaying our determination to safeguard WNC’s technological developments and to increase our corporate value.

Due to the positioning of 5G as one of Taiwan’s six core strategic industries, and thus vital to the country’s  competitiveness, WNC several years ago pro-actively joined in industry seminars on 5G network standards, becoming a pioneer in Taiwan’s Open Radio Access Network. In 2019, WNC received an A+ Industrial Innovative R&D Program subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for our LTE/NR Network Assisted D2D Offloading Architecture Project, which was completed successfully. We were also chosen as a critical partner for the Taiwan 5G Alliance — CHT Pilot Team, gradually expanding the scope of our participation to involve a number of domestic telecommunications companies in 5G test projects.

Established by the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, the R&D Accomplishment Awards aim to encourage manufacturers to engage in research and development, obtain patents, protect the fruits of technological development, improve technical standards, and promote industry development. The evaluation criteria includes R&D expenditure, ratio of R&D expenditure to company revenue, R&D talent, ratio of R&D staff to total work force, management and deployment of core development technologies or advanced process patents, new product development, drive growth in related industry chains, industry-academia cooperation and talent development.WNC out-performed its competitors to win this award which will serve as enormous encouragement to the company and its R&D teams. Going forwards WNC will continue to invest in R&D capabilities and will strive to create even greater value for Taiwan society.

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