Friday, June 9, 2023

Warpspace Partners with Australian EOS Operator for High-Resolution Monitoring of Carbon Emissions from Space

Warp Space Co., Ltd., which aims to realize optical prompt communication services in outer space using small satellites, has established LatConnect 60 Pty Ltd. (Australia, founder and CEO We are pleased to inform you that we have entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Mr. Venkat Pillay) to create a mechanism for efficiently monitoring carbon emissions with high resolution from space.

LatConnect 60 Pty Ltd. (later called LatConnect 60), headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, is developing a constellation of satellites to measure carbon emission concentrations from space. It has the sensitivity to detect the discharge flow rate. The first satellite is scheduled to be launched into low earth orbit in late 2025.

In recent years, global warming countermeasures have been discussed all over the world. In the United States, the Biden administration has introduced legislation that mandates measures, including targets and milestones, on greenhouse gas emissions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Indicates a policy to increase the budget for the program. On October 22, 2021, Japan’s Cabinet decided on a plan to combat global warming, with the goal of reducing emissions by 45% (approximately 677 million t-CO2) compared to fiscal 2013 by fiscal 2030. . In this trend, LatConnect 60 is one of the companies that has focused on the advantage of being able to repeatedly monitor at high frequency with asset-level resolution using satellites.

Warpspace is working on the development of the next-generation space communication network “WarpHub InterSat” in order to promote the “visualization” of the earth. In this network, a data relay satellite placed in a medium orbit that facilitates communication with the ground serves as the “hub”. The relay satellite receives the data from the customer’s satellite with laser light and transmits the data one after another to the ground. As a result, customers will be able to quickly acquire a larger amount of data than with conventional communication methods. In particular, it is expected to be used in situations where highly accurate data is required as soon as possible, such as disaster prevention.

The network is also expected to be an effective network for observing “gases” such as carbon dioxide and methane, whose distribution and state change over time. LatConnect 60 will work with Warpspace to understand the amount and distribution of greenhouse gas emissions so that companies and local governments can take appropriate measures. As a first step, the two companies will select the optimum optical communication terminal for the LatConnect 60 earth observation satellite and proceed with integration with the ground system. Furthermore, through this strategic partnership agreement, we will cooperate in approaching stakeholders, including government agencies, in both the Japanese and Australian markets.

Warpspace aims to solve global problems. Last year, we opened a base in the United States, and this year we are proceeding with the establishment of bases in Europe as well. LatConnect 60 similarly aims to solve the global problem called global warming. In such a context, the two companies will work not only on collaboration between Japan and Australia, but also on cooperating with countries that show the same solidarity, such as the United States and India, and their companies to solve various problems.

Comment from Hirokazu Mori, Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of Warpspace USA

“I am very happy to have reached an agreement with everyone at LatConnect 60 this time. Recently, floods and droughts that are thought to be caused by global warming have occurred in various places, not only causing human damage, but also losing places to live. The MIT Climate Clock (Massachusetts Institute of Technology climate clock) predicts that if emissions are not significantly reduced by 2030, global warming will drop to 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next decade. It warns that there is climate change, and global warming is an urgent issue for the entire planet.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work together on a major issue that affects everyone, including myself. And I feel a great sense of significance and mission in agreeing to expand this circle of cooperation to the world together.”

Lat Connect 60

LatConnect 60 is an up-and-coming space technology company based in Perth, Western Australia that uses Earth observation data to perform data analytics that benefit people and the environment. LatConnect 60 brings together deep industry knowledge and critical insight to develop products and services that help government agencies and private companies. LatConnect 60 has developed its own “EONET” platform to acquire and process data from a wide range of Earth Observing (EO) satellites to gain insights in the areas of agriculture, environment, sustainability and governance (ESG). increase. LatConnect 60 will launch its own satellite constellation “HyperSight 60” dedicated to ESG, and is scheduled to start operation after the third quarter of 2025.

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