Vox Telecom launches high-speed satellite internet plans

Vox has launched new satellite broadband plans through its satellite broadband provider YahClick, offering better speeds and more data options.

YahClick uses Ka-band satellites to provide high-speed satellite Internet connectivity across Africa.

Vox said it would progressively contact customers to inform them of the new options available and assist them with switching to the new connectivity plans.

These new plans offer improved speeds and a broader range of service plans, while retaining existing voice channel features.

“There has been a significant improvement in speed from between 1-7Mbps to 16Mbps, a broader range of service plans are now available – and users get to retain their voice channels,” said Vox head of wireless Jacques Visser.

“This is the first phase to improve the throughput speeds of our YahClick satellite services. The second phase will offer throughput speeds of up to 25Mbps,” Visser added.

Migrating to the new packages will not require any changes to customers’ on-premise equipment, and there will be no migration charge.

The monthly packages have data allocations ranging from 5GB to 400GB, and a new uncapped option which is subject to YahClick’s fair usage policy.

Visser said that satellite broadband is especially useful for customers in under-served rural areas, where traditional fixed-line infrastructure is unstable or non-existent.

Below are the prices for the YahClick 16Mbps satellite broadband packages, as listed on the Vox website.

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