VivaTech 2023: Alexandre Tisserant CEO of Kinéis meets Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on gender parity in business

Kinéis was in the spotlight at this 2023 edition of VivaTech. Friday, June 16, Alexandre Tisserant, CEO of Kinéis, had the honor of discussing with the Prime Minister, Mrs. Elisabeth Borne, on gender parity in business, as part of a meeting organized by French Tech, in the presence of its director, Clara Chappaz, Alexia Reiss, director of the Sista collective, and Katia Hilal, founder of Amiral Technologies.

Gender parity remains an essential subject for all companies and particularly in the space sector where the disparities are still strong. Since its creation, Kinéis has covered this subject and strives to improve continuously. In 2022, the company signed the French Tech parity pact. Currently, of the 9 members of the Executive Committee 4 are women and 3 out of 8 sit on the Supervisory Board.

Kinéis has already implemented significant actions for greater parity:

  • Training teams on gender discrimination biases and on sexual and gender-based violence,
  • The selection of as many male as female candidates, in the first phase of recruitment.

During this exchange with the Prime Minister, Alexandre Tisserant announced an upcoming measure: “I remain committed to issues of gender diversity. We will put in place in our company the equality of the duration of maternity and second parent leave, while hoping that this device will be enshrined in law. »

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