Unveiling the Future of Satellite Communications at DSEI 2023

Hanwha Phasor made its inaugural appearance at DSEI 2023 this September, marking a significant milestone for the business. With over three years in the UK market, we’ve invested £90 million and expanded our workforce from 9 to 90. DSEI marked the first time we showcased Phasor A7700 on British soil – our satellite antenna specifically designed for use in both commercial and military aviation.

We attended in partnership with Hanwha Aerospace where their business exhibited the K9 Thunder mobile fires platform. DSEI showed the variation and interoperability of Hanwha Group’s capabilities with K9 representing engineering prowess in the defence sector, complementing Phasor A7700’s breakthroughs in satellite communications.

A Leap Forward with OneWeb

A key moment at DSEI for Hanwha Phasor was the formation of a User Terminal Development Agreement with OneWeb, a global satellite communications company powered from space.

The agreement will see the two industry leaders collaborate on the development of a new In-Flight Connectivity terminal that will enable airlines to connect their aircraft, passengers, and crew over OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communication network.

Hanwha Phasor will formalise testing for Type Approval certification which will give the business access to the OneWeb network. Along this process, OneWeb will provide support to Hanwha Phasor on modem integration, terminal debugging and satellite airtime.  We expect to receive certification on the network by 2025 to maximise connectivity options for our customers.

Our COO, Dominic Philpott said:

“We are proud to announce this agreement which formalises over 18 months of hard work. Producing a terminal for the OneWeb network is an important step towards providing full satellite communications for our customers. We look forward to working closely with OneWeb over the coming months to receive for certification on their satellite constellation.”

What’s Next for Hanwha Phasor?

DSEI 2023 provided us with an opportunity to display our ultra-low profile Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) antenna, allowing for undisrupted multi-orbit connectivity. Beyond our Phasor A7700, we are dedicated to advancing our efforts in pioneering the land version of our cutting-edge flat-panel antenna.

Designed to cater to command-and-control vehicles like HMMWV, substantial artillery platforms, emergency responders, and portable man-packs. We look forward to our plans for expanding additional satellite communication solutions for military and civilian applications.

DSEI 2023 served as a platform for us to build upon our prior successes, including our participation in the Paris Airshow, where we first showcased our Phasor A7700 and held fruitful conversations with industry partners and stakeholders. As we move forward, expect Hanwha Phasor to continue to push the boundaries in satellite communications. To stay updated on all our latest developments follow us on LinkedIn and X. Here’s to the future!

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