Friday, June 9, 2023

Türksat Showcases Türksat 5B Satellite Power at CABSAT 2023

Türksat AŞ, one of the Middle East leaders in satellite communication was at this year’s edition of the Middle East’s largest broadcasting fair “CABSAT 2023”, held in Dubai on May 16-18, with the power of the their 5th Generation satellite Türksat 5B.

During the fair, Türksat AŞ showcase its national and domestic satellite antenna family, PeycON, for the Middle East (MENA) market.
The fair, which hosted visitors at the Dubai World Trade Center, Türksat’s national PeycON family antennas, namely HidrON, TerrON, MicrON and AerON antennas were showcased.

Also at the fair, one of the highest level Ka Band technologies, delivered via Türksat 5B communication satellite, Turkey’s 5th Generation Satellite, which is in the Eastern orbit (50 degrees) and started service this year, was shown at the Türksat stand.

Türksat AŞ also promoted its activities in the field of satellite communication and In
addition to Türksat 5A, it also hold talks on domestic products with the 5B. Within the
scope of the fair, Türksat has increase its effectiveness with its domestic and national
products, especially in the MENA region.

With CABSAT 2023, Türksat’s newest services in the field of satellite communication and
cable broadcasting, strengthened with 5A and 5B satellites and expanded its coverage
area, was presented to industry representatives and visitors at booth S2-A10

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