The UK Space Agency is hosting its 4th Space Applications networking event

The UK Space Agency is hosting the 4th Space Applications networking event, Space2Connect on Thursday 21 January. The virtual event will provide an opportunity to meet new companies, organisations and individuals who are at the forefront of the Space Applications Sector and it is free to attend! There are planned thematic sessions from the wider industry, with presentations and information updates throughout the day.

The UK’s space sector is world leading in designing, delivering and exploiting high-quality climate observations from satellites. These observations offer evidence and assurance, for risk disclosure, monitoring climate change and taking climate action in the race to Net Zero. For space applications businesses seeking to exploit this data for mass market, policy and operational decision-making products.

Prof Shaun Quegan from NCEO and the University of Sheffield will be presenting on the future BIOMASS mission and taking part in a panel session, dedicated to climate. This session will provide a valuable insight into a variety of emerging user requirements, as well as examples of Earth observation based climate data products and services from climate risk disclosure for financial services and in-country action through to forthcoming advancements in global monitoring of terrestrial carbon stocks, fluxes and emissions. The session will begin at 13:00 and finish at 13:45. You can find a list of speakers for the climate session below –

  • Beth Greenaway – Introduction
  • Prof Shaun Quegan presentation on BIOMASS
  • Iain Woodhouse from Earth Blox showcase their applications
  • Keith Jones from National Trust will present on their EO and climate work
  • Panel session chaired by Beth Greenaway with National Trust, Earth Blox, and Prof Quegan

There will be a showcase from a variety of climate data providers and users interested in the use of Earth Observation (EO) data to strengthen and develop climate services. The session includes insights from current users and emerging EO data users as well as space enabled climate data providers and scientists. A key objective is to promote the interaction for those at the forefront of the climate data from space supply chain and to uncover challenges and enabling factors for trusted data use to support climate action.

The Space2Connect day includes keynote speakers; Elodie Viau, ESA Director for Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, and Graham Turnock, UKSA Chief Executive Officer. They will be joined by a range of speakers from across the International, Regional, Earth Observation, Health, and Microgravity sectors, as well as a session on growing Diversity and Inclusion in the space sector, and how to power your business with Space from the ESA Ambassador Team.

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