The Chang’e-5 orbiter and returner combination implements the first lunar-to-ground transfer incident

At 9:54 on December 12, Beijing time, the Chang’e-5 orbiter and returner combination experienced about 6 days of waiting around the moon and implemented the first lunar-to-earth transfer incident, changing from a near circular orbit to a near moon An elliptical orbit with a height of about 200 kilometers. The main purpose of the lunar-to-earth transfer and incidence is to move the orbital maneuver on the lunar orbit to make the orbiter and returner assembly enter the lunar-to-earth transfer orbit.

  Later, the orbiter and returner assembly carrying the lunar sample will choose the opportunity to implement the second lunar-to-earth transfer incident, so as to get rid of the lunar gravity, enter the lunar-earth transfer orbit and return to the earth.

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