Sony acquires Nevion

Source: Chris Forrester

Norwegian-based Nevion, the virtualised media production solutions provider, has been bought by Sony’s Imaging Products & Solutions division.

Sony said the purchase has been made to further enhance its portfolio, providing end-to-end IP and cloud-based production solutions for broadcasting and other applications. Sony, which has been a minority shareholder in Nevion since July 2019, is purchasing the remaining shares in the company, and making it a subsidiary.

Sony suggested that while it has “been at the forefront of IP-based production innovation for the past decade”, in recent years, there has been an increasing demand in broadcasting and other business areas for remote production solutions and remote integration (REMI), as they allow resources such as equipment, facilities and even staff to be shared across locations in real-time, resulting in greater efficiency and effectiveness.

“The spread of Covid-19 has accelerated this trend, and the need of combining on-premise facility and cloud processing, enabling remote work and resource sharing, has become the basis of business continuity planning for the broadcast and production community. Since June 2019, Sony has had a strategic partnership with Nevion, and both companies have been collaborating to address those markets. This investment will enable Sony to build a much closer relationship with Nevion and lead to the delivery of more integrated solutions,” adds Sony.

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