Satadsl secures esa funding to upgrade security on its core service delivery platform

Satellite service provider SatADSL has responded to customer demands for increased levels of security on their flagship platform by starting a new development activity co-funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) under the 4S (Space Systems for Safety and Security) Strategic Line of its Telecommunication (ARTES) programme.  

Corporate and governmental organizations around the world are increasingly requiring higher levels of security when transmitting sensitive information, either through permanent or on-demand connections. ESA’s support will enable SatADSL to develop, test and validate security upgrades to its flagship cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offer.

The project aims to upgrading SatADSL’s Cloud Service Delivery Platform infrastructure (C-SDP) by adding security, resilience and quality features. C-SDP is a PaaS solution which removes the need for operators to invest in physical infrastructure to deliver satellite-based connectivity and services.

SatADSL value proposition is to offer its customers in the governmental, military and corporate sectors a flexible service offering, that is compatible with their demanding security and resilience requirements and independent of the underlying VSAT technology.

The activity will also support the positioning of SatADSL in the high-end satellite service business by increasing the resilience and quality levels of its service delivery platform, and the consolidation of SatADSL as an aggregator of high-end satellite services. It will also give a competitive advantage to teleports by offering them a unique secured and resilient PaaS service that they can use for improving their own service offering to their customers while at the same time monetizing their unused satellite capacity with new customers.

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