Palantir to Unveil New Customers and Product Announcements at AIPCon

Palantir Technologies Inc. announced that nearly 70 customers will showcase their work in Palantir’s Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) at its fourth AIPCon in 12 months. The conference will be live streamed on Thursday, June 6, 2024 on Palantir’s YouTube channel.

New customers such as United Airlines, Nebraska Medicine, AARP, Lear, Wendy’s QSCC, Edgescale AI, and more – will be showcasing how they use Palantir software. Representatives from organizations with expanded partnerships, such as Tampa General Hospital, will also be speaking.

These customers and others have been going from prototype to production-grade AI via Palantir’s novel AIP Bootcamp initiative. Since its launch, more than 1300 AIP Bootcamps have been completed in the United States and around the world, including nearly 500 additional ones from the last AIPCon in March. Following the release of Build with AIP, customers at AIPCon will unveil the products they’ve built, and guide other customers through building similar workflows on AIP.

Additionally, Palantir will be announcing the Palantir Developer Community at AIPCon, which will bring together global users of Foundry and AIP in a dedicated public forum for the first time in Palantir history. Developers can ask and answer questions, make product suggestions, become early adopters for new features, and more.

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