Online edition of EU space week begins

The EU Space Week will take place 7-12 December 2020. Participants can still sign up to attend the online event and to participate in its plenaries, panel discussions and virtual networking opportunities. European Space Week is a not-to-be-missed event for anybody interested in current developments and future trends in the EU space ecosystem.

The event is of interest to policy-makers, public authority representatives, start-ups, investors or users of space technology. The five days of the event are packed with plenaries, panel discussions, award ceremonies and high-level keynote addresses.

“Our mission at the GSA is to bring the benefits of EU GNSS to users. EU Space Week is an ideal opportunity for the broader space community to see how European businesses are taking advantage of EU Space to grow and innovate,” said GSA Executive Director Rodrigo da Costa.

This year, the event will kick off with the User Consultation Platform plenary, where users from 12 market segments will present their needs and requirements, helping to shape the evolution of the Space Programme and its services, including a Copernicus component for the first time. Other sessions on day one include a status update on Copernicus, a discussion on how to promote the EU Space Programme, and a series of pitches from winners in the Galileo Masters and Copernicus Masters.

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