One of China’s biggest TV makers is now selling 4K TVs for $249 in the US

Big news for fans of cheap 4K TVs: After it made the announcement that it would start selling TVs in the US at CES this year, one of China’s biggest manufacturers, Konka, has finally released its first wave of 4K and HD TVs.

Among the first models to arrive are the new H3, U5 and Q7 Pro Series TVs that start at $139.99 and… well, don’t go up much higher than that. Konka’s big selling point is that it’s offering Black Friday prices all year round: the middle series U5 4K Android TV, for example, comes in a 43-inch screen size that costs just $249. 

So what’s the difference between the three models?

The H3 is Konka’s HD TV series that’s available in 32- and 40-inch screen sizes; the U5 steps the resolution up to 4K and adds wide color gamut, a brighter LED array and enhanced motion processing; and the Q7 Pro adds a quantum dot filter similar to the ones used in TCL and Samsung QLED TVs and offers screen sizes up to 75 inches.

Should you buy Konka or hang tight? 

To be honest, you don’t have much of a choice right now as Konka TVs have yet to appear on any major retailers’ website – at least, all the ones we checked.

Once they start appearing in the next few weeks, however, we’d caution you to hold off until you see some reviews before pulling the trigger on a $249 4K TV. As enticing as that may sound, traditionally cheaper TVs tend to have worse color reproduction, motion handling and input lag than higher-end sets.

That doesn’t mean that will necessarily be the case for Konka – consider them innocent until proven guilty – but you might want to hold off until you see a few reviews just in case.


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