NorthBase joins RBC Signals Network for Global Cooperation

Finnish new space company NorthBase Oy (Ltd.) and RBC Signals International Inc., a global satellite communications company, have signed an agreement that will add two of Northbase ground stations in Tampere and Muonio to the global ground station network of RBC Signals. NorthBase-1 in Tampere, Finland, provides communication in UHF and VHF bands, while NorthBase-2 operates in S and X bands. Northbase-2, stationed in Muonio at 68 degrees north, adds another high northern latitude location to the RBC Signals network that already includes antennas as far north as Deadhorse, Alaska.

“Northbase and RBC Signals are pleased to announce this cooperation, which will provide satellite operators more options for northern latitude communication. The RBC Signals network of more than 80 antennas around the globe is remarkable, and we are thrilled to add our state-of-the-art antennas with superior location” says NorthBase chairman Dr. Tommi Rasila. “We look forward to a long relationship with RBC Signals”.

“We are excited to add two new antennas in highly strategic locations for our customers around the world. Not only are the locations ideal for customers looking to capture as many passes as possible in Sun Synchronous Orbit, we also have full confidence in the Safran Legion 400 antenna at NorthBase-2” says RBC Signals CEO Christopher Richins.

Both locations are under 24/7 surveillance to maximize security and are connected to internet via optical cable with mobile connection for redundancy.

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