Nigeria’s Minister, Bosun Tijani unveils strategic blueprint, targets 3m youths for talent development

Dr. Bosun Tijani, the Nigeria’s Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, has set a target to train 3 million Nigerians in technical talents as he unveils to the public the Ministry’s Strategic Blueprint for 2023-2027 titled “Accelerating our Collective Prosperity through Technical Efficiency”  with five major pillars that will open up more employment opportunities, accelerate the nation’s economic productivity through technical efficiency in line with the renewed hope agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The Minister, in the 33 paged document said” This Strategic Blueprint is a detailed and progressive framework that encompasses five key pillars: Knowledge, Policy, Infrastructure, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Capital (IEC) and Trade. Each pillar is integral to our mission and interconnected with others, forming the foundation of our strategy.”

Speaking on the 5 pillars, Bosun said “Knowledge is the cornerstone upon which innovation thrives, and is built upon the bedrock of sound policies. Infrastructure provides the essential backbone for a thriving digital economy, while innovation and entrepreneurship drive economic diversification. Trade, the fifth pillar, represents our commitment to global collaboration and partnerships, recognising that innovation knows no borders.”

The Strategic Blueprint provides a well-articulated roadmap which seeks to leverage on the power of knowledge to develop talents, invest in research and achieve 70% digital inclusion by 2027.

Recognizing the fundamental role of policy in enabling innovation, entrepreneurship and inclusive growth, the Strategic Blueprint outlines areas where sound policies are required to strengthen broadband penetration, enable digital inclusion and contribution to the nation’s GDP.

The strategic Blueprint also outlines the pathway for infrastructure development to increase participation in the digital space and promote economic growth and improved service delivery in the public sector.

As the Ministry thrives to bring about a transformation in the digital economy; the Strategic Blueprint identifies innovation, entrepreneurship and access to capital as critical components for a strong digital economy.  The roadmap provided in the Strategic Blueprint will expand the innovation ecosystem, increase the local pool of patient capital and provide Sector-Specific Support to Nigerians.

Dr. Bosun in the Strategic Blueprint reaffirmed the commitment of the Ministry to leverage on trade to position Nigeria as a major player in the African and global technology ecosystem. He said “our primary goal is to enhance Nigeria’s participation in the global technology trade over the next four years”.

According to the Minister, the main thrust of the vision for the country is hinged on building on the transformative power of digital technology and innovation to diversify the Economy with technical skills that will engender growth and proffer solutions to Nigeria’s many challenges.

He disclosed that it is everybody’s responsibility to assist in achieving the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr. President towards building a virile nation for the common good of all.

The Minister told the gathering that the Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy as a public sector ecosystem is poised to deliver on its mandate that will enable Nigeria’s economic growth through enhanced productivity and the one that is rapidly facilitated by technological innovation.

The Minister therefore extends his invitation to all stakeholders both from within and outside of government, to unite for the purpose of building Nigeria’s digital space. He called for collective efforts of all stakeholders through collaboration and effective partnerships that will help realize Mr. President’s vision for the Digital Sector.

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