Lithuania teases 5G auction in 2021

Lithuania’s Communications Regulatory Authority (Rysiu Reguliavimo Tarnyba, RRT) scheduled a sale of 5G spectrum in the first quarter of 2021.

TeleGeography’s Commsupdate reported, the regulator will auction off spectrum in the 700MHz band. Although the schedule will take into account around the sale of broadband and TV provider MEZON, the retail brand of state-owned Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre, at the request of operators to postpone the auction until the sale is completed.

The regulator added it allocated spectrum in the 3.5GHz band which is also touted for 5G use, on a temporary non-commercial basis to Telia Lietuva. However, spectrum sold at the 5G auction next year will be technology-neutral, enabling joint 4G/5G development.

The regulator will plan an auction for spectrum in the 26GHz mmWave band, a frequency labelled as vital to 5G networks by the GSMA, will be announced when there is clear market demand.

Mindaugas Zilinskas, RRT deputy director, said due to Lithuania being a border country with its geographical position, it must collaborate with neighbouring nations to coordinate spectrum resources.

“To our knowledge, all operators are actively preparing for the smoothest and fastest possible emergence of new technology in Lithuania. Tests of 5G technology, measurements of radio signals from base stations will provide additional arguments in negotiations with the administrations of neighbouring countries”, added Zilinskas.

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