KSA collaborates with KFS in a Ground Truthing Exercise in Aberdares Forest

Kenya Space Agency in collaboration with team of professionals from Kenya Forest service, Department of Resource Survey & Remote sensing & Water resource Authority were involved in a ground truthing exercise at Aberdare forest for the purposes of validating features that are captured in the classification process of an imagery are actually a true reflection of what is on the ground.

The team was divided into 3 groups (Team Nyeri, Team Murang’a and Team Nyandarua) each with their specific sample points to visit. For the success of the exercise, the following equipment and software were used;

i. Hand-held GPS – used to track sample points’ locations and pick coordinates of new points of interest.

ii. ODK & Smartphones – Used to fill the questionnaire for the sample points and take pictures.

iii. Maps me – Used to trace and visualize best routes to the sample points within the forest.

iv. Hardcopy datasheets – Used to collect data on the sample points as a backup.

The teams were able to visit almost all the sample points to validate the classified features and collect the requisite data on the ground for use in the classification process for the project.

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