ISS Reshetnev and SAFT sign a framework agreement

Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev (ISS, part of Roscosmos) and the French company SAFT signed a framework agreement to supply highly efficient power units. The five-year agreement defines the terms of delivery of French-made lithium-ion batteries for commercial telecommunications satellites built by ISS. Power units will be supplied at fixed prices during the life of the document.

The new spacecraft will use batteries that have proven themselves in previous ISS Reshetnev projects, as well as modernized power sources with specific energy rate increased by 7%.

The use of modern lithium-ion batteries will ensure high energy characteristics of power supply systems for spacecraft without increasing their mass, redistributing it in favor of the payload. To date, 15 spacecraft manufactured by ISS are equipped with SAFT power supplies. Lithium-ion batteries for them were delivered under previously signed agreements.

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