Gravity Internet to use Kacific satellite to offer broadband services in New Zealand

Gravity Internet and Kacific Broadband Satellites Group have signed a three-year deal under which Gravity will use the soon-to-be-launched Kacific1 satellite to provide broadband services to New Zealand homes and businesses outside the reach of fibre.

Kacific1 is in the final testing phase at Boeing and is scheduled to be launched into orbit on a SpaceX rocket towards the end of 2019.

Gravity says the satellite will have three high throughput beams focussed on New Zealand and providing coverage to anywhere on the three main islands. It has committed to an unspecified portion of the capacity of each beam and says it will increase capacity as its customer-base grows.

It says it will be able to provide services at up to 50Mbps via a 1.2 metre dish, but has given no indication of pricing.

Gravity is already rural internet services however it is not clear from its website whether these are terrestrial wireless or satellite. It charges $99 per month of 10GB at 14/2Mbps, $149 for 25GB and ‘unlimited’ for $199. There is a $1499 installation fee that reduces to $999 with a 24-month contract, but that comes with a $14.95 per month equipment lease fee.

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