Friday, June 9, 2023

go digital: PT Telkom Indonesia launches e-commerce platform to support MSME players 

On various occasions, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has often emphasized the importance of increasing purchases of domestic products. The President of the Republic of Indonesia encouraged many parties, including the central and regional governments, to State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) to allocate funds to shop for domestic products originating from micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). On the other hand, in order to boost sales turnover, President Jokowi also encouraged MSME players to digitize by selling their products  on  online  platforms .

PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) through Leap-Telkom Digital (Leap) has been presenting PaDi UMKM since 2020 as an  e-commerce platform  to support MSME players to  go digital  and expand their market share to be globally competitive. “PaDi UMKM opens the way for MSME actors to be more prosperous, but at the same time encourages digital adoption in Indonesia which has an impact on increasing people’s digital capabilities so that digital sovereignty can be created in the country,” said Telkom’s Director of Digital Business, Fajrin Rasyid.

Based on the results of research conducted by the PaDi UMKM UX Researcher team through survey methods and interviews with UMKM registered with PaDi UMKM, 80% of  sellers  who have joined PaDi UMKM admit that they feel a positive impression on their business. Various positive impacts have been felt by MSME actors, including increased knowledge of selling online, legality, and financing. PaDi UMKM also makes it easier  for sellers  to transact, thus increasing the turnover of MSME players, one of which is due to penetration into new markets such as the BUMN market. In the results of this research, it was also found that 73%  of sellers  said they could now reach the BUMN market.

The features on  the PaDi UMKM platform  also open up opportunities for  sellers  to gain experience and more information about selling online, as well as being able to increase their understanding of conducting transactions online, especially when transacting with SOEs.

Furthermore, from research it is known that the majority of   existing sellers have experienced an increase in turnover from 10% to more than 100% after joining PaDi UMKM. As many as 41% of the total  sellers  who took part in research at PaDi UMKM with an annual turnover of below IDR 2 billion experienced an increase in turnover of almost 10%. In addition, more than 15% of the total   UMKM Padi  sellers experienced a turnover increase from 10% to 50%, some even experienced a turnover increase of more than 100%.

As a  Business to Business (B2B) platform  , the main objective of PaDi UMKM is to pave the way for MSME players in the country to be able to conduct transactions with various BUMNs. In this way, PaDi UMKM tries to upgrade UMKM as the backbone of the national economy so that it can create a more prosperous and competitive nation. 

“The MSME sector is one of the priority sectors that is the focus of Leap-Telkom Digital. Digitizing MSMEs as a sector that is close to the community through the use of   smart digital platforms that can be accessed by all people is also part of Telkom’s mission,” continued Fajrin.

PaDi UMKM is a  digital platform  from Leap as  an umbrella brand  for Telkom’s digital products and services. The presence of Leap-Telkom Digital is expected to be able to support the growth of the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, in order to accelerate the realization of national digital sovereignty which is in line with the government’s target in the coming years

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