Globalstar, a global provider of satellite and terrestrial connectivity solutions joined IoT M2M Council

Globalstar, a global provider of satellite and terrestrial connectivity solutions, has joined the IoT M2M Council – the world’s largest trade organization dedicated to the IoT sector. In addition to operating its low earth-orbit (LEO) satellite constellation offering ubiquitous connectivity, Globalstar provides specialized IoT modules and finished asset tracking and telematics devices for vertical markets, including transportation and logistics, energy, tank monitoring, construction, agriculture, and government applications. The IMC comprises 25,000 product makers and enterprise users that deploy IoT solutions on six continents.

“With IMC being the largest trade organization serving the sector, we hope to introduce Globalstar to potential new customers who require affordable solutions that deliver reliable satellite connectivity. The coming year will see several innovations being introduced by Globalstar, and the IMC platform will allow us to strengthen existing relationships in key verticals while bringing new opportunities with future partnerships,” says Eric Chandler, Globalstar’s director of IoT Enterprise business development, who will represent the company on the IMC’s Board of Governors.

The convergence of satellite connectivity with various terrestrial forms of connectivity is redefining the IoT and 5G landscape, and Globalstar also offers services and solutions in this area. These include n53, the company’s globally owned, licensed swath of mid-band spectrum for improving 5G wireless connectivity and enabling private networks. The company also recently added XCOMP, a coordinated multipoint radio system technology offering significant capacity gains in dense wireless deployments such as retail and warehouse automation.

“We’re excited to welcome Globalstar to the IMC,” says Sam Colley, CEO of Pod Group and the IMC Chairman. “Connectivity remains a cornerstone of the IoT sector, and we appreciate the perspective of established satellite companies working towards integrating their solutions more broadly. Globalstar certainly fits that description.”

About the IoT M2M Council

The IMC is the largest trade group dedicated to the global IoT sector – with over 25,000 enterprise users and product makers/designers that deploy IoT solutions as qualified Adopter Members.

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