Geomatics on the Move: the results are in

Alphamonitoring System, from the joint Italian-French team Alphageomega, has taken the Traditional Geomatics prize in this year’s Geomatics on the Move Competition, while the Integrated Geomatics Prize went to the Greek team 3 Deep Vision for their project Bathymetry from UAV Imagery and Machine Learning. The winners shared in the overall prize of EUR 30,000, with a total of 8 prizes offered in the two categories.

The Traditional Geomatics category looked for solutions in which the main innovation was based on the use of EGNSS, employing traditional equipment such as surveying or GIS grade GNSS receivers. In this category, Alphageomega designed and built an all-in-one system that helps to improve remote real-time knowledge of displacements at sensitive critical infrastructures and the surrounding environment.

Meanwhile, the Integrated Geomatics category targeted integrated surveying solutions that use Galileo or EGNOS along with tools and technologies such as drones, mobile mapping, laser scanners or Augmented/Mixed Reality, both within geomatics applications or beyond. 

The winner in this category – Bathymetry from UAV Imagery and Machine Learning – aims to implement a scalable and transferable web service for mapping shallow waters. This web service will facilitate the detailed and accurate monitoring and mapping of sensitive coastal areas, especially in times of climate crisis, taking as input georeferenced UAV images or 3D point clouds.

Targeted solutions

“With the Geomatics on the Move Prize, born from our collaboration with  the CLGE and the CLGE Young Surveyors’ Prize, we are encouraging innovators to leverage space technology and target real needs in the mapping and surveying community. Despite being the first edition in this new format, I was very impressed with the quality of the entries and congratulate the worthy winners,” said GSA Head of Market Development Fiammetta Diani.

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