European and international norms and standardization for accepted and safe AI applications

BMWi workshop of the EU Council Presidency sets momentum for the European and international implementation of AI norms and standardization needs


The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is setting the focus during the German EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020, among other things . on the subject of “standardization and standardization” . In addition to a high-level workshop in September 2020 on European standardization policy and meetings of the new Council working group “Technical Harmonization – Standardization”, a virtual workshop of the BMWi is now concerned with European and international standardization of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The aim is the European exchange between the actors from the EU-Commission, member states, standardization and representatives of the European economy.

The BMWi’s representative for the digital economy and start-ups, Thomas Jarzombek , will open the event: “Small and medium-sized businesses in particular aretoo often reluctant touse AI because companies are concerned that the AI process willcausea problem for their reputation could be. One of many reasons why the standardization process is so important: It gives companies the security of relying on procedures that others also use and that are legitimized by the regulatory authorities. The standardization roadmap is an important building block for building trust and thuspromotingthe use of AI . The German EU Council Presidency uses thisWorkshop to give an impetus and suggestions for further European and international AI norms and standardization work. “

Information about the workshop and the program can be found on the website .

German Standardization Roadmap Artificial Intelligence

The “German Standardization Roadmap Artificial Intelligence” was published for the 2020 digital summit. Under the umbrella of the “German Institute for Standardization (DIN)” and the “German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies in DIN and VDE (DKE)”, around 300 experts from various industries and with different backgrounds have contributed their specialist knowledge to seven working groups. The standardization roadmap to be updated as part of the dynamic AI development shows the status of AI technology development and provides recommendations for implementation. A white paper on Ethics and AI should also be seen as part of the standardization roadmap . Both projects were fromBMWi funded as part of the federal government’s AI strategy. The need for standardization identified in the “German Standardization Roadmap KI” must primarily be implemented at European and international level.

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