Elevation Space scales up access to space as it commences first business training

ElevationSpace, the world’s first service “ELS-R” announced plans to launch the first unit of space business training in 2025.

As a company, ElevationSpace Co., Ltd. develops space environment utilization platform that can perform demonstrations and experiments using unmanned small satellites has announced plans to commence offering “Space Business Training” , which the company said isa corporate training service that provides study sessions and workshops on space business for companies planning or considering new entry into the space business.

According to estimates by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the space-related market is expected to reach 100 trillion yen globally by 2030. In Japan as well, in the “Basic Plan for Space Policy” decided on June 13th, the goal is to expand the size of the space industry market, which combines space equipment and space solutions, to 8 trillion yen in the early 2030s. is.

Many private companies are already engaged in space-based businesses, such as rocket launches, lunar surface exploration, and satellite-based services. Business is attracting attention as one of the new businesses that companies are exploring.

Through this service, the company plans to hold study sessions on domestic and international space industry markets and policies, as well as workshops on space business considerations tailored to existing businesses and issues.

In addition, for companies that are specifically considering entering the space business, we support their entry into the space business by providing a one-stop solution that includes strategy formulation, business matching, demonstration experiments, and commercialization support.

Currently, it is necessary to use the International Space Station (ISS) to conduct demonstrations and experiments using the space environment, but the frequency of use is low, safety reviews take time, and opportunities to collect deliverables are limited. There are challenges. In addition, it has been decided that the ISS will end its operation at the end of 2030 due to issues such as structural life, and although there are plans for a commercial space station, it is expected that the places where space will be used will be limited.

In response to these challenges, ElevationSpace aims to make the use of the space environment more accessible by realizing “ELS-R” and lower the hurdles for entering the space business in all industries, and we plan to actually use this service. Our client companies span a wide range of industries.

On the other hand, companies have said, “I’m interested in entering the space business, but I don’t know how to enter,” and “I don’t know where we can expect synergies with our existing businesses.” has been submitted.

In addition, we have received requests to hold training and study sessions to deepen understanding of the space business within the company and increase momentum.

It will be the first time in the industry that a company that actually engages in the space business, rather than a consulting company, will provide corporate training services (according to our research in July 2023).

Furthermore, in commemoration of the launch of this service, a Space Business Entr Seminar” will be held on July 25, 2023. According to Elevetion Space, the company will explain industry trends related to the space business and the latest trends in Japan and overseas. Please refer to the following URL for details.

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