Egyptian Space Agency Holds Board Meeting

The Egyptian Space Agency Board of Directors held their fourth meeting on Monday, headed by Dr Khaled Abdel Ghafar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in the presence of Dr Mohamed Al-Qusi, the CEO of the agency, via video conferencing. The Minister emphasized the pursuit of work on the implementation of the agency’s projects, the need to cooperate with the various entities and implement the scientific agreements embarked on, the need to review the implementation of the Egyptian Space Program at the end of the current year; the extent to which it is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and to develop appropriate plans to adjust the performance of the agency. 

Speaking further, the Minister noted that the Egyptian Space Program is aimed at building human and scientific capacity, helping to develop infrastructure and industry, building space mission systems, exploring outer space, and collaborating with foreign space agencies. He emphasized greatly on the importance of collaborating with foreign space agencies, universities and research centres towards advancing space research. The board then reviewed projects executed during the year. 

The board also deliberated on the decision to train 50 final year students with specialities in engineering, astronomy, computers and information, through a collaboration with a number of international space institutions and prestigious institutions in Britain, France, Yemen, India and China.

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