Effective spectrum management key to an all-inclusive digital economy in Asia-Pacific countries

Experts and officials from the Asia-Pacific Region meet virtually to discuss implementation of WRC-19 decisions

The ITU Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2020 for the Asia-Pacific Region (RRS-20-Asia-Pacific) was held virtually from 19-30 October. The seminar provided participants with an opportunity to learn the basic concepts of spectrum management at national and international levels and their connection to the provisions of the ITU Radio Regulations. Also discussed were future radio-frequency spectrum requirements for radiocommunication systems in the context of outcomes of the ITU World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19) held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in 2019. “Radiocommunication services are profoundly transforming many aspects of our lives,” said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao.

“The Regional Radiocommunication Seminars provide an excellent opportunity for our members to learn the practical applications of the updated ITU Radio Regulations to leverage the economic opportunities brought by technology.” The Seminar covered the regulatory framework for both terrestrial and space services and the procedures for recording frequency assignments in the Master International Frequency Register (MIFR).

It also included basic training on software tools developed by ITU for frequency notices for those services and for technical examinations. Various tutorials also enabled participants to familiarise themselves with ITU notification procedures, as well as with the software and electronic publications made available by the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau to the Administrations of Member States and the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) Members. “The Radio Regulations updated at WRC-19 are a vital tool to promote the development of  new technologies and innovative applications and assist nations to better respond and recover from global crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Mario Maniewicz, Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau. 

“Asia-Pacific is one of the most diverse regions with highly advanced digital economies, but also several Least Developed and Small Island Developing States that are facing specific social, economic, and environmental vulnerabilities. ITU is committed to working with all member states in the region to promote an all-inclusive digital economy.” Exploring challenges and opportunities for the Region RRS-20-Asia-Pacific concluded with a Forum entitled “WRC-19 outcomes: challenges and opportunities for the Region.” The Forum featured panel sessions about diverse radiocommunication services and systems, including among others: digital TV, broadband satellites (GSO and non-GSO), IMT and other wireless broadband technologies, high-altitude platform stations (HAPS), Radio Local Area Networks (RLAN)/Wi-Fi, maritime and aeronautical systems, intelligent transport systems (ITS), emergency communications, 5G spectrum pricing, and the WRC-23 agenda. The main objective of the ITU Regional Radiocommunication Seminars is to assist Member States in spectrum management activities and the application of the ITU Radio Regulations (RR), with special attention to developing countries.

These seminars are organized to complement the larger, biennial World Radiocommunication Seminars (WRS) so that all ITU countries and regions have ample opportunity to prepare for WRC-23, which will update the RR, the international treaty governing the use of radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbital resources. The seminar drew more than 300 participants from over 30 countries, as well as 10 international organizations, and representatives of the telecommunication industry, operators, international organizations, associations, and academia from the Asia-Pacific Region.

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