CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen visits the Greater Toronto Area

Despite their busy schedules, Canadian astronauts periodically travel to Canada from Houston, Texas, where they live and work at NASA, to meet with Canadians across the country.

Last week, CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen was in Toronto and the GTA to talk about the Artemis II mission, which will make him the first Canadian to fly around the Moon.

Jeremy spoke to over 600 Canadian students through Docs for Schools, took part in a Halloween-themed ROM After Dark where he met aliens and other funky creatures, and answered questions during a family-oriented event at the Ontario Science Centre. To the youth, he shared some advice and inspiring words about the importance to dream big. He also encouraged them to participate in the CSA’s annual Space Brain Hack on growing food for the Moon, launched just the week before.

In addition to the next generation of space explorers, engineers and scientists, Jeremy visited with current members of the space sector at Kepler Communications and Canadensys as well as students involved in CSA’s CubeSat and CUBICS programs.

Throughout the week, Jeremy also did over 20 interviews with news and print media, kids shows and documentaries to share his mission with as many Canadians as possible. Four days well spent in the Six!

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