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smartEarth aims to give Canada’s downstream space sector (data exploitation) the support it needs to accelerate innovations in the creation and delivery of new Earth observation (EO) applications.

Announcement of Opportunity: Bridging the information gap with space-based analytics

With the growing number of EO satellites, there is an unprecedented volume of space data available. We continually need innovative solutions to process and effectively use this data, which also fosters science excellence, economic growth and job creation.

Increased access to this data, combined with advanced analytic technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning and high-performance computing, will unlock the potential for a great deal of new cutting-edge solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges on Earth.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is supporting the downstream space sector (data exploitation) so that it can build its expertise to take full advantage of all the opportunities provided by space.

As a result of the Announcement of Opportunity Bridging the Information Gap with Space-Based Analytics, published in January 2020, the CSA is funding 16 Canadian companies so that they can develop new disruptive applications with EO data. Applications will contribute to improving the lives of Canadians.

As part of these contributions, it is anticipated that 240 new jobs will also be created.

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