CABSAT, Dubai: Unlocking the Satellite Industry’s Dormant Capacity

A new way of unlocking the vast amounts of unused capacity and related lost revenues across the satellite industry has been achieved by leading satellite consultancy, SatConsultant. Together with satellite broadband equipment manufacturer Forsway, field engineering specialist NWNS and global satellite service provider Belinter Media, they have devised a fully-managed, data-service business model enabling previously unused capacity aboard the Belintersat-1 telecommunications satellite over Africa – and any other satellite – to be used and monetised.

Belinter Media, a global provider of telecommunication and broadcast services across satellites in C- and Ku-bands over the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, had previously provided only video uplink services from Europe to Africa on the Belintersat-1 satellite. However, project lead, SatConsultant, saw that by using Forsway’s Hybrid Router solution it was possible to provide Belinter Media with a two-way communications capability and capacity that is now easier and available to sell, unlocking new revenues from a traditional enterprise solution. This breakthrough is applicable to end-user segments, from broadband, to marine, aerospace and enterprise.

“There is a huge amount of undersold capacity in the industry,” said Travis Mooney, SatConsultant’s Principal Consultant. “We help companies find new ways to sell overlooked capacity and unlock new revenue streams. Our innovative approach and in-depth industry understanding, combined with Forsway’s unique product and the global reach of the NWNS field force, have created a formidable partnership and found a solution to the problem.”

NWNS facilitates, supports and implements (VSAT) network roll-outs globally and will provide the field engineering and systems integration support for this project.

“SatConsultant recognised the full potential of Forsway’s technological capabilities,” said Forsway MD, Tobias Forsell, “and helped us expand our product portfolio with a line of professional hybrid routers. Forsway now has a complete product line comprising: Broadband, Professional and Enterprise routers for the widest range of applications. Our Professional Routers, for example, are designed for mobile, marine and aeronautical users and provide automatic route switching, integration with auto-pointing TV Antennas and options to bond LEO and MEO satellite modems, guaranteeing continual access at the lowest operating costs.”

Mooney continued, “The managed service we have put together with Forsway and NWNS provides a unique solution to a unique requirement. This deal offers insight to the rest of the industry as to what can be done; the problem of unused capacity can be solved – and we can solve it. With revenues falling across the sector, satellite operators need to make margins where they can and we can help them do that, we’ve just proved it.

“This agreement enables Belinter Media to unlock untapped opportunities on Belintersat-1 and it also brings a new approach and new technologies from Forsway to the whole satellite sector. Together, our aim is to find more customers like BeInter Media who want to monetise their unused capacity by launching managed services.  Most satellite operators are in this position and there’s no reason why they cannot do the same.”

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