Brigadeiro Vital passes to the reserve

It is with sadness, but also with the recognition of the excellent services provided to the Nation that we announce here the transfer to the reserve of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) of Brigadeiro José Vagner Vital, former Vice-President of the Commission for the Coordination and Implementation of Space Systems (CCISE) of the FAB, as published today in the Official Gazette (DOU), see here .

Brig. Vital is a great officer-general, with an exquisite career, recognized throughout the Brazilian space community as the father of the Strategic Space Systems Program (PESE). A person of fine treatment, in addition to being a gentleman , he is known for being a mission-fulfilling, disciplined and competent military man. He is also recognized as a great patriot with a passion for space and an open-minded person, who, without deviating from his obligations, listens to everyone and all ideas presented to them with attention, respect and consideration.

One of the greatest thinkers of the Brazilian Space Program (PEB) and defender of the importance of using space applications and systems in favor of our government / public defense and security, Brig. Vital has always been willing to debate good themes and good ideas, especially in the space area, defending his points of view and the interests of FAB and Brazil in this theme, but also incorporating and adapting his own concepts, when identifying the convergence of other thoughts with its mission and the needs of Brazil.
That was how, after the 1st Brazilian Space Congress (I CAB), an event in which I had the grateful opportunity to meet Brig. Vital and where we had the opportunity to talk and debate about the Brazilian Space Program (PEB), which Brig. Vital vigorously incorporated the term “harmonize” into the PESE defense discourse, in relation to the PNAE, the Civil Space Program and the  Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) itself .
Still in this line, initially, without revealing his personal opinion on the Governance of PEB and AEB, in the last year he defended in some events and debates in groups specialized in the space theme, that AEB should return to the Plateau, noting that it it should respond to the Vice-Presidency, which would give our space autonomy greater capacity to act, but also to PESE itself.
On July 1 of that year, still under the leadership of Duda Falcão, the Brazilian Space had the honor of having Brig. Vital in one of our Lives , in which, accompanied by the journalist and promoter from Alcântara, Miriam Rezende Gonçalves, we deal with the theme of the Alcântara Space Center (CEA), see here . This debate was very interesting and was also awarded a  bonus track prepared by Brig. Vital explaining a little more technically PESE and CEA (see here ).
So, we dare not say that this article is a farewell from Brig. Vital, just a record of his move from the Active Service to the Reserve, because with the vision, capacity and passion for the space he has, we will (all) certainly still count on his competence and knowledge to better think Brazil in the sector national and international space.
This is the tribute and recognition of the Brazilian Space to Brig. Vital for everything he did in favor of the aggrandizement of our country and the FAB in space, taking advantage of the opportunity to tell Brigadeiro, that BS is open to whatever he needs.

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