Azercosmos exported satellite services worth $14.4 million to 46 countries of the world in September

Azerbaijan’s satellite operator Azercosmos exported services worth around $ 1,8 m in September 2023, which is 14.3 percent less than the same period of 2022, Azernews reports per the October export review of the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication of Azerbaijan CERACA.

According to the latest report, Electricity (330.4 million US dollars) topped the list of non-oil goods exported during January-September 2023. In this list, tomato (tomato) (124.3 million US dollars) is in second place, and gold (101.8 million US dollars) is in third place.

During January-September 2023, 787.3 million US dollars to the Russian Federation, 631.8 million US dollars to Turkey, 240.4 million US dollars to Georgia, 112.5 million US dollars to the Swiss Confederation, and 78.1 million US dollars to Kazakhstan. worth of non-oil sector goods were exported.

Non-oil exports in September of the current year amounted to 223.89 million US dollars. Of this, 44.9 million US dollars were exports of food products, and 178.9 million US dollars were exports of non-food products.

In September 2023, the Russian Federation (65.9 million US dollars) rose to the first place in the list of countries that exported the most goods related to the non-oil sector. Turkey (45.3 million US dollars) and Switzerland (26.2 million US dollars) were the second in this list.

In January-September 2023, the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (“Azercosmos”) exported satellite telecommunication services worth 14.4 million US dollars to 46 countries of the world. Azerkosmos’ income from service export made up 78 percent of its total income. In September 2023, “Azerkosmos” exported services worth 1.8 million US dollars to 45 countries of the world.

The top five satellite telecommunication services exports in January-September 2023 are the United Kingdom with 4.1 million US dollars, Luxembourg with 3.1 million US dollars, UAE with 1.2 million US dollars, Germany with 815 thousand US dollars. and Nigeria with 572 thousand US dollars.

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