ARSAT invests over $ 500 million to build “national public cloud”

Within the framework of the Connect Plan, at ARSAT we have received more than $ 500 million destined to purchase new equipment for our National Data Center, as well as for the maintenance and updating of the existing one. It seeks to sustain sufficient computing resources, connectivity and data storage to provide international quality cloud computing services.

From ARSAT we are in a process of investment and enhancement of our different service units. That is why the necessary equipment will be acquired to strengthen the infrastructure in our National Data Center and thus be able to offer computing infrastructure services in a dynamic way, through the deployment of a new national public cloud.

For this, from the telecommunications company of the National State we have received from the Secretariat of Public Innovation headed by Micaela Sánchez Malcolm, and with the authorization of the Chief of Cabinet, Santiago Cafiero, an item of 509,422,861 pesos.

This seeks to maintain sufficient resources in terms of computing, connectivity and data storage, to make these available to our clients through a new self-managed and automatable public cloud based on “Open Source” orchestration and virtualization technology.

This public cloud, together with the Federal Fiber Optic Network (REFEFO), can contribute and accompany companies and institutions belonging to the knowledge economy. 

This initiative is part of the Connect 2020-2023 Plan announced by the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, at our Benavídez Earth Station and which provides, among other things, for the renewal of Open Digital Television (TDA) equipment, the updating of equipment to multiply REFEFO’s broadband capacity by 10 and the construction of the new ARSAT-SG1 satellite, which will provide satellite Internet in more than 200 thousand homes in Argentina.

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