Applause as Iran Space Research Institute takes a big step in commercialization

Engineer Abbas Salmanizadeh, Executive Vice President of Iran Space Research Institute, in an interview with the Institute’s public relations correspondent in the above news, said: The Committee for Commercialization of Research Achievements has been successful in transforming space technology overflows into knowledge-based businesses by concluding commercial contracts.According to this report, the Executive Vice President of the Iranian Space Research Institute stated about the background and necessity of forming a committee for commercialization of achievements; According to the naming of 1998 as the year of “production boom” and considering the research achievements, extensive resources and facilities available in the research institute; By the order of Dr. Samimi, Director of Iran Space Research Institute, the need for effective participation and more planning of the research institute in achieving the goals set by the Supreme Leader was put on the agenda and the responsibility of forming a special committee (with the presence of relevant deputies and managers, heads of research institutes and others Expert and expert colleagues) were entrusted to them and this committee started working in August 1998.

Salmanizadeh identified the main tasks of this committee as identifying target markets, introducing and commercializing research achievements with high TRL to the target community, removing potential obstacles and problems in the shortest possible time, making good use of the capacities and experiences in the research institute, designing and implementing necessary processes. To increase agility in commercializing research achievements and creating leaps in research institute-specific revenues, he said.

He added; In this committee, very appropriate measures have been taken, which has also led to the conclusion of successful commercial contracts. One of the first contracts is the contract for “design and construction of two telecommunication balloons” with the Infrastructure Communications Company, the value of which is over 80 billion rials.

Engineer Salmanizadeh clarified the importance of this technology; Due to the emergence of this technology and its various applications such as telecommunications and Internet services, crisis management, remote sensing and monitoring services, the use of this technology can bring valuable achievements for our beloved country and is expected in the near future. These balloons will increase to at least 30 devices.

He also explained; Another achievement of this committee is concluding a contract for “design and construction of multi-rotors” in different classes and with a value of more than 500 billion rials. Regarding the importance of this project, Mr. Salmanizadeh said: “Since the Sixth Development Plan document emphasizes the development of aerospace technologies to facilitate people’s lives, achieving multi-rotor systems as an application platform can meet many of the country’s technological needs.” Satisfy in the near future.

The Executive Vice President of the Iranian Space Research Institute further stated; Concluding contracts in the field of “Design and construction of agricultural drone batteries”, “Design and production of lithium-ion batteries”, “Design and construction of polarimeter radar for remote sensing applications”, “Design and construction of urban underground installation detection system based on magnetic sensor “,” Design and construction of inertial-celestial navigation system “as well as” Design and development of a quality sample of vanadium battery stack “with a value of 250 billion rials, are other achievements of this committee.

Mr. Salmanizadeh, emphasizing the widespread use of space technology overflow in various industries of the country, to other examples of applications and contracts for the use of these technology overflows, including the use of brushless motor technology for mechanized agriculture and the use of satellite positioning technology for construction. Electronic restraints were noted to reduce the number of prisoners and intercept defendants. He also referred to the application of space tube heat pipe technology in the medical industry and the contract for the “design and manufacture of 150-watt coolers for use in the medical equipment industry.”

Engineer Salmanizadeh added in the continuation of the interview; The main activities of this committee in 1998 were dedicated to basic activities such as identifying target markets, designing processes and procedures, preparing research achievements for the market, etc., and we are very pleased that these actions in 1999 and in the year of “production leap” It has been achieved through the conclusion of various commercial agreements in various specialized fields.

He noted; It is important to note that the location of these projects is not limited to Tehran and the expert and committed colleagues of this research in Isfahan, Shiraz and Tabriz directly play a role in their implementation and another important point is that about 90% of these contracts with the department It is a non-governmental organization that indicates the success of the research institute in commercializing and developing new technologies in the applied layers of the industrial and production society of the country.

In the end, the executive deputy of the research institute, while pointing out that this committee has held 28 meetings so far, expressed hope that with the continuation of these activities and more accurate counting of space technologies and the use of these technologies in various industries, the country’s space sector can play a leading role. To play in the growth and development of the dear Islamic homeland based on the achievements of knowledge

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