Amids sanctions, Russia’s logistics company TransContainer increases profitability by 2.6% in 2023

The volume of profitable transportation by PJSC TransContainer (part of the Delo Group of Companies) in 2023 increased by 2.6%, to 2.18 million TEU. The main drivers were transportation in import and domestic Russian directions.

Their volumes increased by 10.1% (up to 606 thousand TEU) and 5.9% (up to 716 thousand TEU), respectively.A surplus of containers in the Moscow transport hub and attractive rates for customers for shipments in the eastern direction stimulated demand on routes within Russia.

Among other things, this flow was used to deliver containers to key export centers of the country for further export of products to China and other countries from where imports come to the Russian Federation.In turn, imports maintained a positive trend, despite the weakening of the ruble. In the second half of 2023, there was an increase in transit, primarily due to the flow of Belarusian cargo through the ports of the North-West of the Russian Federation, as well as Korean and Chinese auto parts to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

“In 2023, we managed to increase the volume of transportation despite the conditions of the car building market, which did not contribute to the acquisition of new fitting platforms. Over the past 12 months, the fleet managed by the company has decreased by almost 1.1 thousand units, or 3.3 thousand TEU, but management has focused on working to improve the efficiency of using existing platforms.

The set objectives were successfully achieved, as evidenced by the dynamics of operating indicators,” said Mikhail Kontserev, President of PJSC TransContainer.The company’s revenue transportation indicator consists of the volume of transportation of its own and loaded containers brought in for the flight, as well as loaded and empty containers of third-party owners.

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