Algeria to interconnect 4,000 health facilities via satellite

The government of Algeria has announced plans to interconnect 4,000 health facilities across the country. This development was revealed by the country’s Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Mokhtar Hasbellaoui.

The project is being undertaken by the country’s Ministry of Post, Telecommunications, Technology and Digital Economy, and was unveiled by the Minister at the wilaya of Relizane.

The project is expected to bring about the establishment of a health sector-specific data system, facilitate the implementation of procedures and examinations such as medical telediagnosis, and improve the conditions of care of patients.

This is an extension of the telemedicine network of Algeria (RT-DZ) that was officially launched on April 5, 2016. It is made up of the Internet interconnection of five university hospital centers, twelve public hospitals and hospitals. National Agency for Health Documentation is a technical piloting platform.

Through the national network of telemedicine that will soon join 4000 health facilities, Algeria wants to improve access of its populations to quality health care. Populations residing in remote locations are the most targeted.


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