Algeria Space Agency sustains its capacity building projects in Higher Education

As part of the Capacity Building in Higher Education ERODITE EaRth Observation Tools for the promotion of DigITalEconomy project , aiming at Capacity Building in Higher Education through the specific project relating to “exploitation of Earth observation tools for the promotion of the digital economy”, registered under the European Union ERASMUS+ program.

The Space Technology Center of the Algerian Space Agency (CTS/ASAL) organized, on April 22 and 23, 2024, an event integrating training, dissemination and monitoring, aiming to enrich skills and knowledge in the field of geospatial technologies.

The national partners involved who took part in this event are KasdiMerbah University of Ouargla (UKMO) and Abou BekrBelkaïd Tlemcen University (UABT). As for international partners, academic institutions from Greece, Turkey and Jordan participated in the event.

The meeting offered a range of exciting topics, including bathymetry, quantum computing, as well as airborne LIDAR. Also, practical sessions were organized, emphasizing 3D scanning using the Laser-grammetry technique and the use of GNSS.

These activities offered participants practical and in-depth experience, complementing the theoretical knowledge transmitted during conferences given by the partners present during the event. In addition to the academic aspects, this event also promoted exchanges and interactions between the actors involved in the ERODITE project. Participants thus had the opportunity to strengthen their professional networks and create lasting links with other experts in the field.

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