Ahead of second Israeli fly into space, Israel Space Agency calls for experiments to be sent to the ISS

The Ramon Foundation and the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology today publish a call for scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs to submit proposals for experiments to be performed in space by Eitan Steve.

The Ramon Foundation and the Israeli Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology call on scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs to submit their proposals for experiments, which will be carried out at the International Space Station (subject to NASA approval) as part of Eitan Stiva, the second Israeli to fly into space.

The experiments will be selected by an independent scientific and technological committee consisting of senior figures in the fields of academia, industry and government in Israel, headed by Inbal Kreiss, a senior figure in the Israeli aerospace industry and director of innovation in the aerospace systems division. The mission is led by the Ramon Foundation together with the Israeli Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is leading the partnership of government ministries in the project.

According to Inbal Kreiss, the global space industry is on the move from a clear control of government entities to the entry of entrepreneurs, start-up companies and business entities from the private sector. This trend leads to an ongoing process of reducing barriers to entry and making space technologies accessible to other areas and to integrating into products that pertain to the daily lives of all of us.

“This mission is a rare opportunity to conduct and advance groundbreaking research in space on a large scale, enabling the Israeli space community rapid access to the international space station with infrastructure to conduct a wide range of experiments and advance scientific means and research. Quality of life on Earth, “says Kreis.

Ran Levana, CEO of the Ramon Foundation, explains, “Astronaut hours are one of the most valuable and rare resources in the space industry. This historic mission for space will allow us to provide an extraordinary opportunity for many bodies in Israel to integrate into this industry. In doing so, we are fulfilling the vision of the late Rona Ramon to use space for the benefit of the younger generation in the worlds of education, inspiration, science and technology. “

Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Yizhar Shai: “We are at the beginning of a global revolution in space research. Within a few years most space research will go from government to private hands, and Israel has the potential to be a major player in the evolving industry. The aspirations to conduct experiments in space will accelerate the development of the civilian space industry in Israel and bring significant opportunities to Israeli entrepreneurs, all as part of a long-term strategy promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology to create a local industry of about 350 civilian companies. More than half a billion dollars in private investment every year. “

As part of the mission, scientific and technological experiments and demonstrations of commercial companies in the fields of communications, astrophysics, telemedicine, agriculture, optics, sensors, robotics, and more are expected to be sent. Carrying out the experiments in this framework will allow Israeli companies to integrate into the international space market in a shorter period of time. This mission will contribute to strengthening Israel’s position in the global arena in continuous and long-term activity in space.

The Ramon Foundation and the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology will work to provide Israeli start-ups and researchers, who will take part in the mission, access to scientific and technological platforms on the International Space Station, as far as possible through collaborations with foreign space agencies currently in the early stages. In addition, the Israeli Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology intends to publish during the first quarter of 2021 a call for research in the fields of science and technology to be conducted at the International Space Station. The submission will be open, among other things, to projects that they choose within the framework of the calling voice of the Ramon Foundation.

Members of the Scientific and Technological Committee: Chairman of the Committee, Mrs. Inbal Kreiss, Director of Innovation in the Aerospace Systems Missile Division, Mr. Avi Blasberger, Director of the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology, Secretary to the Committee Mr. Eliran Hemo, PhD student , Tel Aviv University, Prof. Avishai Eyal, Head of the Laboratory of Optics and Photonics, Head of the Bachelor’s Degree Program in the School of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University, Prof. Ehud Bachar, Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Astrophysicist, Director of the Asher Institute of Space, Technion-Institute Technological for Israel, Prof. Orit Shefi, Head of Bioengineering, Nanotechnology and Brain Research Faculty, Faculty of Engineering, Bar Ilan University, Dr. Osnat Luxenburg, Director of Medical Technologies, Information and Research, Ministry of Health, Dr. Jacob Cohen , Chief Scientist at the NASA Ames Research Institute and Advisor to the Ramon Foundation, Prof. Dan Bloomberg,Head of the Remote Sensing and Planetary Simulation Laboratory, Vice President of Regional and Industrial Development, Ben Gurion University, Prof. Dror Hertz, faculty member at the Scler Medical School, Tel Aviv University, Head of Research and Innovation at Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center, CEO and Founder of VBL BIOTECH, And Mr. Tzachi Shenrach, Head of Technology and Market Industries, Deputy Director of the innpvation authority


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