AAC Clyde Space delivers KP Labs pioneering AI powered Intuition-1 satellite for launch integration

The Intuition-1 Earth Observation satellite, based on AAC Clyde Space 6U EPIC VIEW satellite platform and carrying a payload developed by KP Labs, has been delivered to California’s Vandenberg Space Force base.  Thereby, AAC Clyde Space has delivered three satellites for launch in November.

The high precision Intuition-1 satellite hosts a cutting-edge hyperspectral instrument developed by KP Labs which will enable the satellite to deliver high-resolution, multi-band, hyperspectral data, providing much more information than the three main color bands that the human eye detects. Its novel data processing unit, Leopard, is capable of processing data using neural networks (artificial intelligence) in orbit.

KP Labs envisages future use of its technology in applications ranging from agriculture, forestry and mining to environmental protection and defense. The intended end user for this data is the agriculture sector. The space data generated from these satellites can be used to optimise yields and detect invasive plants, pests and changes in soil make-up.

“November will be eventful for us with three planned launches, which in addition to KP Labs’ Intuition-1 also include the VDES Ymir-1 satellite and the Space Data as a Service EPIC Hyper-3. We look forward to expanding our flight heritage even further,” says AAC Clyde Space CEO Luis Gomes.

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