5 Reasons why Ethiopia chooses Eutelsat

The 7/8°W position continues to lead the growing free-to-air TV market – here’s why

As one of the global market leaders in satellite provision, and the leading operator in Sub-Saharan Africa, Eutelsat continues to offer quality and service to local broadcasters across Ethiopia. The vibrant, growing market of local broadcasters has near-unanimously chosen Eutelsat to provide home entertainment to 84% of all TV homes in the country.

This blog post will detail precisely why Eutelsat remains the number one choice for Ethiopian broadcasters and viewers.

Reason 1 – 93% of Ethiopian viewers are satisfied with Eutelsat

According to a recent research study and survey, nearly every TV viewer in Ethiopia has reported a high satisfaction rate with Eutelsat’s service. At 93%, this figure points to over 3.7 million households. This is due to the many attractive benefits that Eutelsat offers to broadcasters and viewers.

Eutelsat’s transmission quality is far more reliable and stable than many competing offers in the region. In addition to this, Eutelsat offers a mixture of premium local and international broadcasting, much of which is in high demand by Ethiopian viewers such as religious and sports content.

Reason 2 – Eutelsat offers more Free-to-Air channels

Viewers from across Ethiopia reported that they most value the attractiveness of its Free-To-Air (FTA) line-up and the ability to receive international TV channels as an added value to Ethiopian media.

The total number of channels available to viewers is over 200, including over 70 Ethiopian channels, 65 religious channels and 85 international channels. The international channels include BBC World, Beln sport, CNN, Sky News and more. Many of these channels are exclusive to the 7/8° West orbital position.

Competing providers who offer alternative orbital positions simply cannot provide the same amount of channels – which is why 90% of satellite homes in Ethiopia already point to Eutelsat’s 7/8° West.

Reason 3 – Eutelsat’s service is highly reliable

Viewers and broadcasters can rest assured that their ability to stream and enjoy content through Eutelsat’s satellites will remain uninterrupted.

The 7/8° West orbital position maintains three satellites that provide complete coverage over Ethiopia, offering industry-leading levels of security. This means that in the unlikely event of an issue with one of the satellites, there are two others to provide backup service.

In addition to this, the EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite located at 7/8° West has advanced anti-jamming precautions, mitigating the effects of interference from external sources or factors.

On the viewer front, Eutelsat’s powerful 7/8° West satellites offer power levels of up to 52 dBW, which means that Ethiopian viewers can receive channels with an inexpensive antenna as small as 60cm.

Reason 4 – Eutelsat provides robust support for viewers and FTA channels, reinventing content discovery with Sat.tv

The Ethiopian population has shown a strong interest in FTA TV, and Eutelsat has responded in kind. One example is the recent launch of Sat.tv at 7/8° West, which has improved the free-to-air user experience, helping viewers and broadcasters optimise their user experience at the popular video neighbourhood.

Available on a new generation of low-cost satellite receivers, Sat.tv’s enhanced electronic programme guide lists all FTA channels with a detailed preview of what viewers can expect. It also helps viewers to easily navigate channels and find the content of their choice based on their country and favourite genre. The local channel listing always highlights local media first, and tracks are presented with logos and categories in a consistent manner, to help gain more exposure.

The innovative Sat.tv service is a first for Free-to-Air viewing, improving channel discoverability for broadcasters and viewers alike and enhancing their FTA experience.

Reason 5 – Eutelsat reaches more homes.

Broadcasters and advertisers value one aspect above all else – the number of viewers and homes a service provider can offer. With regards to the Ethiopian market, Eutelsat’s satellite service is the best option for broadcasters and advertisers alike. Satellite TV is the primary mode of reception in Ethiopia; 86% of TV homes choose satellite (vs 14% terrestrial) for its extensive FTA line-up and exclusive channels. The majority of those channels come from Eutelsat’s 7/8° West, which holds the leading orbital position.

7/8° West gives broadcasters access to 4 million TV homes in Ethiopia. That’s 90% of satellite TV homes in the country. In addition, 7/8° West gives access to 60 million TV homes across the MENA region, enabling broadcasters to reach citizens living overseas.

No other operator comes close to this level of reach, with penetration rates limited to single-digit percentiles in local neighbourhoods.

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