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Nigeria: Wars on fadama wetlands

The flow of oil revenues from the 1970s onwards increased the market for pastoral products down South. However, in recent years, Nigeria has been constantly racked by civil strife, reconfiguring herder/farmer conflict in new and striking ways. According to recent report, the absence of any concerted government response is a …

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Inside the Nigeria’s space centre

With sophisticated spectral detecting technology, the ability of NigeriaSat-2 launched in 2011 to take large synoptic scenes has made it economically attractive. In this report, Dr. Spencer Onuh, one of Nigeria’s top space managers, provide details of Nigeria’s space programme, its vision, achievements, challenges and the keys to its success. …

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Nigeria: How NCC promotes market led Satcom industry

The Nigerian telecoms industry has been successful thanks to the policy of liberalization, privatization and courageous decisions of the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC to transform the socio-economic landscape. The telecom landscape has undergone a dramatic transformation from the government monopoly to a competitive environment with multiple telecom service providers. Beginning …

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Africa: Huawei ramps up its telecoms market

Less than two decade years after the liberalisation and wholesome privatisation of the African telecommunications markets, Huawei have established itself as important equipment suppliers across the African telecoms market. So far, their presence in the market is growing, and presently  upgrading its  service offering to include networks as they have …

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Abuja Geographical information System: a new GIS lab

The Abuja Geographical information System was established by the FCT Act subsidiary legislation No. 1 of 2004 as a centre of excellence for the provision of spatial data integration and computerization services for the entire FCTA. AGIS was charged with the responsibility of managing the computerized operations of land administration …

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How WiMAX is causing massive disruption of broadcasting signals

In places where regulators have allowed BWA services to use the C, Ku and Ka Bands, massive interruptions of satellite services, radar and microwave links, which also operate in this frequency band, have continues to occur. Reports Spacewatchafrica editors   Conceived almost 14 years ago in the Institute of Electrical …

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Bitcoin and Altcoin: Can blockchain technology help banks?

 Three banks, German Fidor, CBW Bank and Cross River Bank have recently began trading in crypto-currency becoming a market maker for transactions initiated by themselves or by partner banks thereby benefiting from reduced fees for a cross-border money transfer.     Africa’s flourishing network environment offers a fertile ground for …

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Dangerous cargo: can ports security handle threats?

A transponder attached via plug and play to a container can permit monitoring of container’s route via satellite navigation and communication systems, thereby allowing potentially suspicious and particularly dangerous routes to be identified. Aber Tasser Benjamin explains that Nigeria Customs Service have sufficiently tracked an inland container in order to …

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