About Us

For over eight years, SpaceWatch magazine has provided the digital communities with the latest news, incisive analysis, reports and developments in broadcasting, telecommunications and  computer systems, corporate ICT, e-governance, satellite communications and observation, meteorology, and navigation, to help keep regional organization with optimal information tailored to their needs.

SpaceWatch is published in print, online and is marketed across Africa and beyond. Through these platforms, we provide unique insights and assist your organisations in strategic decision making in managing their knowledge assets. Our readers expect us to deliver actionable analysis to stay ahead of the curve, today and tomorrow.

We support regional operators in consolidating their position while also advocating regional approaches to meeting socio-economic challenges in the increasingly globalised world. Spacewatch provides a strategic link between global players and national organisations as well as  issues.

In order to meet this task, we present latest news, supplements, written during every industry event to provide you with meaningful information about development in broadcasting, ICT ecosystem from corporate ICT, networks and infrastructure, system integration to software & applications, and valued added services as well as issues around the world.

We have a team of analysts that provide feature articles and interviews on the performance of the industry. Our knowledge is global but our insights are local.

Our mission is to serve our readers, clients and meet their needs and requirements to the best of our abilities. In our firm, readers are the foundation of our existence and ensure the continuity of our media practice.

Since its establishment, SpaceWatch has grown considerably and has positioned itself as a unique media outfit, event planners and managers, corporate media consultancy, publishers to our numerous clients, boosting a proven track record in Africa.